Chelsea funds

A new part of the business that we are hoping to launch is a range of Chelsea funds. These would be multi-asset funds and would have similar asset allocations and risk profiles to our current suite of EasySIPP portfolios.

How would the new funds be different to the Easy SIPPs?

  • These funds would be personally managed by Darius and the research department on a daily basis. We would be able to make automatic changes and switches to the fund portfolios (this doesn't currently happen with the EasyISAs/EasySIPPs)
  • You would hold units in the Chelsea fund rather than holding the 6 individual funds, as you currently do with the EasySIPP. This should make things simpler from an administrative point of view.

Why would they be better?

  • Everything is managed for you. You don't need to worry about changing funds yourself.
  • Very experienced fund-picking team who meet and assess all the fund managers.
  • Ability to react to short-term events (for example when a fund manager leaves).
  • The team will weight the portfolio to the assets and funds they think will perform best.

We think this structure will allow us to provide you with a much better service and performance. With this concept in its infancy, we would greatly appreciate your thoughts on it, as we hope you are one of the key clients who would use this facility in the future.

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Published on 07/04/2016