Pension deadlines for tax year end

Do you want to invest into your pension before the end of the 2016/17 tax year to utilise this year's tax relief? If the answer is yes, please download the relevant form below and return it to us in the office.

Existing pension client                                                                                          DEADLINE: 04/04/2017
If you are making a single contribution into your pension please return a contribution request form.

You may have collected a number of pensions over the years that you now want to consolidate onto the Chelsea FundStore. If so, please complete and return the transfer request form along with discharge forms from your current provider.

New pension client                                                                                                 DEADLINE: 31/03/2017
If you want to open a pension with Chelsea, please complete the Cofunds Pension Account Application form.

If you want to save for someone else, or if your employer wants to save into your pension, please contact Sarah in the office on 020 7384 7300.

Have you started taking income from your pension?

If you have started taking income from your pension, then you will have triggered MPAA (money purchase annual allowance) and your annual allowance will have been reduced to a maximum of £10,000.

As of this April, this is being reduced to £4,000. If you want to benefit from this 'extra' £6,000, make sure you invest before the new tax year.

Published on 22/02/2017