About Us

Chelsea's Heritage

Chelsea was founded in 1983 by our present Chairman, Dr John Holder. We were the first intermediary to discount initial charges on unit trusts and bonds, and later PEPs and ISAs. Over the past thirty years or so, our clients have saved tens of millions of pounds they would have paid in charges had they bought direct from investment companies.

Over the years, our business has grown and evolved, so that today we are known for our quality, independent fund research and personal service.

Through our extensive fund research we identify those funds that we believe will do well for their investors over the long term. Our Core Selection funds have returned, in total, 45% more than the average fund in a comparable sector (IMA Flexible Investment) over the past decade*. That's after charges, and shows the value of good, independent fund research.

We also provide a service you can count on, with knowledgeable people you can talk to. That's why more than 97% of our clients have already (or would) recommend us to their friends and why 43% of our clients are generations of families**. Our clients' children have ISAs with us and their grandchildren have junior ISAs.

*Source: FE Analytics, 30.09.2003 to 30.09.2013.
**Survey carried out amongst 327 Chelsea clients in October 2013.