Our Charges

Charges are extremely important. That's why we pioneered discount broking and started reducing initial charges to zero for our clients over 30 years ago.

More important, however, are investment returns after charges, which is where quality, independent fund research can really make a difference to your portfolio. Also of importance are quality service, reliability and predictability – no one wants surprises when it comes to their life savings.

When you invest in an ISA through Chelsea there will be three separate annual fees:

  • A fund management fee (typically 0.75% of your investment) which covers the investment company's research and expertise looking after the fund, plus other costs associated with running a fund. 
  • A platform fee of 0.15% charged by Aegon, our platform provider of choice, which pays for access to more than 2,500 funds from approximately 150 companies, the platform administration and custodianship of your money.
  • A service fee to Chelsea of 0.4%.

Our fee covers:

  • Unbiased fund research
  • Quality client service – you can speak personally to experienced and friendly staff on the telephone, who are based in the UK.
  • Online tools (including a detailed report of all your investments) and guidance to help you make investments decisions.
  • The ability to manage your account online.
  • Telephone dealing.
  • Our highly acclaimed Viewpoint magazine twice a year.
  • Email newsletter updates twice a month.
  • Quarterly statements.
  • Annual Fund Review.

There will be additional savings on services for investors with more than £250,000 invested with us. The more money you invest, the larger the discounts we can offer:

  Up to £250,000 held with Chelsea Amounts between £250,000 and £500,000 Amounts between £500,000 and £1m Amounts between £1m and £2m Amounts over £2m
Aegon's platform fee 0.15% 0.125% 0.10% 0.10% 0.10%
Chelsea's fee 0.40% 0.35% 0.30% 0.25% 0%

These costs are by 'bands' – not for the overall portfolio. So, on the first £250,000 invested you pay 0.55%, then for the next £250,000 you pay 0.475% and so on.

There are no additional charges with Chelsea, just simple predictable pricing.

Unlike some competitors, we do not discriminate against any type of investor. There are no extra, and in some cases expensive and confusing, charges for anyone preferring to use the telephone or who prefers paper to the internet.

Telephone dealing X Duplicate tax certificates X
Paper statements X Ad hoc paper statements X
Online dealing X Sale of investments X
Exit fees X Registration of legal documents X
Probate valuation X Payment by cheque X
Re-investing income X Paper contract notes X
Investing via direct debit X  
All the above actions attract charges from other companies – it pays to read the small print








Junior ISA charges

  • 0% charge for Junior ISAs opend on Cofunds (pre-Aegon) before 5 May 2018. These will remain at 0% until the child turns 18 (unless they transfer away, or Aegon change their terms and conditions). 
  • 0.15%  for Junior ISAs opened after 5 May 2018. 

How do I pay the charges?

There are three separate charges, the fund provider's fee, Chelsea's fee and the fee for our platform, the Chelsea FundStore, powered by Aegon.

The fund provider fee will still be taken directly from each fund in a portfolio. The Aegon platform fee and the Chelsea fee can be taken in one of three ways:

  •     By Aegon automatically selling an amount of units from the highest-valued fund in your portfolio
  •     By Aegon automatically selling an amount of units from one fund of your choice
  •     By you putting money in your Cash Facility to cover the charges.

How do I put money into my Cash Facility?

To top up your cash facility, please log into your online account and follow the instructions to top up. Alternatively, you can send a cheque to Chelsea, made payable to Aegon.

You will need to use your Platform Account Reference number, which can be found at the top of your online valuation page.