Transfer to the FundStore

It couldn't be easier to transfer your holdings to the Chelsea FundStore and receive the many benefits this brings.

First complete a re-registration form. Upon receipt, we will return some forms for you to check, sign and return to us. Then simply sit back and leave the rest to us. 

Benefits of being a FundStore Member

  • Lower charges - many funds attract lower charges on FundStore than investing directly
  • 24/7 online access to your FundStore account, via our website, allowing you to monitor you portfolio's performance in minutes
  • Over 2,500 different funds to choose from
  • Buy the VT Chelsea Managed Funds for a complete investment solution
  • Free switching - quickly and easily move your under performing funds
  • More dealing options - online, telephone and by post
  • Valuation statement twice a year
  • Biannual top 400 Fund Review from Chelsea
  • ISA cash facility - If you are unsure where to invest or just want to sit outside the market, you can hold cash within your ISA, then switch into funds at a 0% charge
  • A more flexible ISA – select your own funds, choose funds from our Selection and CoreSelection research tables or choose one of our EasyISA portfolios
  • Invest in a Junior ISA
  • Income reinvested for free
  • Less paperwork
  • Easier estate planning
  • 0% re-registration charge – best of all, consolidating your investments onto the platform is FREE

What is re-registration?

Re-registration is the transfer, as stock, of any of your existing funds that you hold directly with a fund provider onto the FundStore platform. Your funds are not sold, but merely registered under the FundStore umbrella (powered by Aegon), so you are not out of the market for any length of time. You can re-register both Investment ISAs and investment funds (unit trusts or OEICs held outside an ISA), as long as the funds you hold are available on the platform. The process is completely free of charge.

The process can take up to six weeks but you are never out of the market during this time. Income payments from distribution funds may be delayed during the re-registration process but will resume once the transfer is complete.

Please note that if you are paying into your ISA or unit trust/OEIC on a monthly basis you will need to cancel your existing direct debit mandate and set up a new one payable to Aegon.