Three ways to invest in your SIPP

If you are interested in opening a pension through Chelsea, please complete our online questionnaire and we will send you the relevant forms. On completion, you will need to let us know where you want to invest the money.

With over 3,000 funds in the UK market and over 2,500 available via the Chelsea FundStore, the task of selecting funds for your SIPP portfolio can be overwhelming. Fortunately, the Chelsea research team are here to help. We've done a lot of the hard work for you and narrowed down the universe to present you with three tailored investment options for your SIPP.

1. Buy a VT Chelsea Managed Funds

Our research team have designed the VT Chelsea Managed Funds to offer a complete investment solution, with four options to suit your goals and the level of risk you want to take.

Each fund contains a mix of investments from around the world, so you can be confident your pension is invested diversely for the long term.

Chelsea's research team have an impressive track record, shown by the Core Selection.

Click here for more details on the VT Chelsea Managed Funds. 

2. Choose your own funds from our Selection

If you want to select your own funds, but still have guidance from the research team behind the VT Chelsea Managed Funds, why not use our Chelsea Selection or Core Selection lists.

The Core Selection is a small, select group of our favourite funds in each of the main sectors available to UK investors.

Our broader Selection list complements our Core holdings by highlighting funds that may be investing in more niche areas, alternative assets or different styles.

View the Chelsea Core Selection and the Chelsea Selection fund lists.

3. EasySIPP

We also offer the Chelsea EasySIPPs. These are suggested portfolios of funds from our Selection lists, which our research team have curated.

Like the VT Chelsea Managed Funds, the EasySIPPs are categorised into four options to suit different risk levels. However, unlike the VT Chelsea Managed Funds, these portfolios will not be actively managed for you on a day-to-day basis.

The EasySIPP portfolios are reviewed for each new edition of Viewpoint, our client magazine. Funds may be removed and portfolios altered between these times if a fund manager departs or the process changes, but this is rare.

What's more we cannot change your EasySIPP investments for you. We inform investors of any changes via our email newsletter (sign up here) and in Viewpoint, but you will need to effect a switch yourself if you want your EasySIPP to reflect our changes. Chelsea does not provide investment advice. If you are looking for less administration and a more dynamic portfolio, you may like to consider a VT Chelsea Managed Funds.