Client Testimonials

Mr Denis Fothergill from Altrincham really appreciates the services we offer:
“My wife and I have been with you for many years. Having recently completed a switch on line (as a retired accountant I watch the relevant prices daily!) it occurred to me that I ought to tell you that your total service package is a complete match to our needs. In these days of "comparing" everything, we would never think of looking to see what alternative offerings there are out there - we will stay with your perfect service."

Mr Paul Gosling from Hereford had a portfolio of unit trusts and was worried that if he died his wife would be overwhelmed by paperwork:
“I have investments with 6 fund managers and was worried that I would leave my investments in a mess upon my death. Now they are consolidated with Chelsea the death certificate need only be sent to one place and the investments can be moved into the beneficiaries names at no charge. I also know that Chelsea will help reduce the solicitor fees with one simple valuation and less paperwork.”

Dr John Gillett from Macclesfield rates Viewpoint magazine very highly:
"I have been with Chelsea for a very long time, and what you supply is brilliant. The Viewpoint in particular is excellent. I have recommended you to no end of people"

Mr Alex Willett from Liverpool uses the Chelsea FundStore to invest into a wide range of funds on a monthly basis:
“Previously I was restricted to the funds of just one provider but I can now spread my £300 per month across different funds. What's more all of these funds are available to me at no initial charge and I can monitor them on-line”.

Mrs Sophie Blythe from Chelmsford likes the fact that she can switch funds for no extra charge:
“I'm delighted that I can now switch into any fund on FundStore at 0% initial charge.”

….so does Mr Marc Burrow from Surrey
“So pleased to be able to switch my funds at 0% charge. I now have a warm glow at Chelsea – but then I always have done.”

Mrs Elizabeth Linnaine from Gloucester recently consolidated her investments onto the FundStore:
“Since re-registering my holdings to Chelsea I have been able to track their performance on-line via Chelsea's helpful website. The website also allows me to make further investments into my ISA and carry out switches based on the information I have read in Chelsea's Viewpoint magazine. The staff are always available on the telephone and are happy to answer any of my questions regarding my investments. I will be investing with Chelsea for many years to come.”

Mrs Susan Oxley from London also consolidated all of her investments onto the Chelsea FundStore:
“I had ISAs with Artemis, Invesco Perpetual, Jupiter and M&G. I found it difficult and time consuming to keep a close eye on them and so moved them to Chelsea. I can now monitor my portfolio on-line and I receive a twice yearly valuation statement with all my investments. My valuation statement also includes a very useful fund review. I can also telephone Chelsea at any time and speak to one of their helpful staff.”

Mr Dave Barnard from Solihull became a Chelsea client after a neighbour recommended us:
“I originally became a client on the recommendation of a neighbour and similarly have no hesitation in recommending Chelsea to friends. The Viewpoint magazine is very readable and informative and your website is user friendly. All in all I must congratulate you on a very customer focused organisation.”

Mr Paul Stokes from Wandsworth likes the tools available:
“What a bonus for dealing with Chelsea. Your portfolio x-ray, bar charts, information, concise summaries and great service. What more can an investor ask for?”

Miss Stephanie Morgan from Cardiff really appreciates our personal service:
“Thank you for the excellent service. I had a problem printing a valuation, your staff were very helpful and arranged for the IT department to contact me. They called straight away and resolved the problem. Service like that is rare and worthy of thanks.”

….as does Mr Alan Griffiths from Gloucestershire
“May I take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing efficiency and speed in dealing with transactions over the years. My brother also has always been very happy with your service. It contrasts sharply with that of other companies, particularly utilities and also other brokers.”