Are you an rplan client?

You may have recently been contacted by rplan, asking you to find a new intermediary. Chelsea can help. 

Chelsea Financial Services is one of the best-known independent brokers in the UK and has been trusted by more than 120,000 customers to look after their money since 1983.

Transferring is easy.

Call us on 020 7384 7300 and we will send you a personalised change of agency form to move your holdings from rplan to Chelsea. They will remain on Cofunds/Aegon and within the same holdings.

Five reasons to invest with us:

1. Get a complete solution with the VT Chelsea Managed Funds. Want a diverse portfolio of investments that are managed for you? We offer four options to suit your goals and the level of risk you want to take: cautious, balanced or aggressive growth, or monthly income.

2. Choose your own funds with our independent research. We narrow the selection. Our analysts research thousands of funds, meeting the managers and running the numbers to bring you our top picks.

3. Get client discounts. All funds within our Viewpoint magazine are available at 0% initial charge for investments inside and outside an ISA, and within a Junior ISA or a pension. Plus we offer competitive rates on venture capital trusts and other specialist products.

4. Invest your way with personalised customer service. Whether you invest over the phone, online or by post, our friendly, experienced staff will be on hand to help make sure everything goes smoothly.

5. Start small or transfer existing funds. You can start an ISA from as little as £50 per month or a £100 lump sum, or you can transfer funds you currently hold elsewhere.