Alex Savvides announced as replacement on Jupiter UK Special Situations

12 January 2024 — It was announced that Ben Whitmore, manager of Jupiter UK Special Situations fund, will be leaving to pursue his own venture. Jupiter have named Alex Savvides as his successor on the flagship fund. Alex has spent his entire investment career at JO Hambro Capital Management (JOHCM), managing the £1.2bn JOHCM UK Dynamic fund.

Darius McDermott, investment adviser on the VT Chelsea range of multi-asset funds, said: “We believe Jupiter has done a good job of replacing Ben’s expertise on the UK Special Situations strategy. They are essentially replacing one of the best UK equity managers in the UK with one of the best UK equity managers in the UK. Both have a similar style – but Alex Savvides is not as deep value as Ben.”

The investment advisers to the VT Chelsea range have sold out of their position in JOHCM UK Dynamic fund due to this change of management. Darius added: “With the UK Dynamic fund, it really was Alex. We met him before he launched the fund and have been with it pretty much since then. Hence regrettably, we have sold our position."

Meanwhile, JOHCM have appointed Vishal Bhatia, Tom Matthews, and Mark Costar to lead the UK Dynamic fund following Alex’s departure.

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Published on 18/01/2024