Transferring your Child Trust Fund to a Junior ISA


After lengthy campaigning, it is now possible to transfer Child Trust Funds (CTFs) to Junior ISAs.

Child Trust Funds were launched in 2005 to encourage parents to save tax efficiently for their children's future. However, a combination of limited product choice, expensive charging and low contribution limits led to limited success. In 2011 the government replaced CTFs with the much improved Junior ISA.

More than six million children could now benefit from wider investment choice, lower costs and potentially greater returns.

What's more, Chelsea are currently offering the Junior ISA at a 0% annual service and 0% platform charge.

How do I transfer a CTF to a Junior ISA?
Simply complete and return the transfer form PLEASE DO NOT PRINT DOUBLE-SIDED

Unsure where to invest?

Don't just take our word for it
Chelsea clients Chris Bowden and Sophie Blythe have already transferred CTFs to the Chelsea Junior ISA.

Chris Bowden:“I wrote to my local MP on numerous occasions asking for the rules to be changed, as I was concerned that the Child Trust Fund I made monthly contributions into for my eldest grandson had such a limited investment choice. When my second grandson was born, he was eligible for a Junior ISA, which I took out straight away with Chelsea. However, it did seem unfair that there was such a disparity in the investment opportunities between the two products. It took a long time to come about, but now it has, I've transferred to the CTF straight away."

Sophie Blythe: “Both my children were eligible for Child Trust Funds, but I found the choice very limited and the costs excessive when compared with what I was paying for my own ISA. I've now transferred both accounts to the Chelsea Junior ISA and taken advantage of the reduced service fee, as well as the increased choice.”