VT Chelsea Managed Aggressive Growth

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The word "aggressive" might initially seem daunting, but  if time is on your side you may want to consider taking a higher level of risk to give yourself the best possible chance of long-term gains.

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What does this fund do?

Quite simply, the aggressive fund aims to grow your money over the long term. We will invest heavily in stock markets around the world, which means the fund may be more volatile than the other VT Chelsea Managed Funds.

How do we do it?

Long-term, sustainable growth is not just about making the right investments; it’s about being invested (or not) at the right time. We will not be afraid to tilt this fund towards our preferred sectors or regions to seek the highest potential gains, and we won’t hesitate to take on a bit of extra risk, but it must be justified by return potential.

What do we invest in?

We are happy to include more niche funds in this portfolio when they offer an opportunity to enhance returns. This means we are more likely to hold single country funds, which could include places such as India or other emerging markets, as well as highly specialised funds in sectors such as technology, biotechnology or insurance.

We may also avoid countries where we don’t currently see strong growth prospects, which means the fund may be quite different from the global stock market. The fund may also have a significant weighting to small- and mid-cap equities. Up to 100% of the fund may be invested in UK and overseas equities, although other assets could include bonds, property, gold and targeted absolute return strategies.

We believe in transparency, so you can see a full list of what the VT Chelsea Managed Aggressive Growth fund invests in below.

Holding % in fund Asset class
Fidelity Index US 10.45 Equities
Cash 6.88 Cash
Artemis US Extended Alpha 6.69 Equities
HSBC American Index 6.65 Equities
Hermes Asia ex Japan Equity 5.37 Equities
BlackRock European Dynamic 4.97 Equities
Fidelity Global Special Situations 4.52 Equities
RWC Global Emerging Markets 3.92 Equities
Schroder Global Recovery 3.64 Equities
Merian Chrysalis Investment Co Ltd 3.41 Equities
RWC Continental Europe Growth 3.20 Equities
Jupiter European Opportunities Trust PLC 3.17 Equities
Global X Silver Miners ETF 3.14 Gold & Silver
Invesco European Equity 3.08 Equities
Baillie Gifford Japanese 3.08 Equities
Man GLG Japan CoreAlpha Professional 3.04 Equities
Scottish Oriental Smaller Companies Trust PLC 3.03 Equities
Fundsmith Equity 2.99 Equities
Stewart Investors Latin America 2.59 Equities
BMO Global Equity Market Neutral 2.57 Absolute Return
Polar Capital Global Insurance 2.48 Equities
Merian UK Dynamic Equity 2.47 Equities
Smithson Investment Trust 2.44 Equities
Goldman Sachs India Equity Portfolio 2.44 Equities
Polar Capital Biotechnology 2.19 Equities
Rathbone Global Opportunities 1.43 Equities
Lindsell Train Investment Trust PLC 0.17 Equities

Information correct as at 28 February 2019. Please note percentages may not add up to 100% exactly due to round errors

Portfolio performance

C00245 MF AG Graph Sep184

What are the risks?

It’s important to understand investments can go down as well as up in value. We expect the volatility of this fund to be similar to global equities. You may not get back the amount originally invested.

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Important information

Long term is 5+ years.

*Source of all data performance data: FE Analytics on a bid-to-bid basis total return to 30/11/18, benchmark is the IA Global

The VT Chelsea Managed Funds are for investors who prefer to make their own investment decisions, without personal advice.

Valu-Trac Investment Management Limited is the authorised corporate director (ACD) and investment manager of the VT Chelsea Managed Funds. Valu-Trac is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Valu-Trac’s FCA registration is 145168. Chelsea Portfolio Management Services Limited will be the investment adviser for the VT Chelsea Managed Funds.