Fund Manager Changes

As in every walk of life, sometimes fund managers change jobs. They may move to another fund company or start a new career, be given responsibility for a new fund or decide to take a break. Sometimes the choice is theirs, sometimes its not, particularly if performance has been consistently disappointing.

We like to keep our customers up-to-date with fund manager changes, so that they can decide if they want to remain invested in the fund or switch to another. There is no water-tight rule as to what is the correct action to take – each change should be looked at individually.

If the fund in question is rated by Chelsea, we usually move the rating to a hold when a manager changes. We then reassess the fund when we meet the new manager and make a more informed decision. However, if the new manager is known to us and the investment mandate is similar to their previous one, we may not change the rating.

The table below highlights fund manager changes, within the last year or so, on some of the most widely-held funds or where the manager has a prominent profile. It is not an exhaustive list.


Date Fund Name Old Manager New Manager
26/02/2016 AXA Distribution Richard Marwood Jim Stride (lead manager), Jamie Forbes-Wilson, Matthew Huddart and William Howard
11/01/2016 R&M UK Dynamic Equity Dan Hambury Philip Rodrigs
15/12/2015 Newton Global Income James Harries & Nick Clay Nick Clay
14/12/2015 M&G Global Basics Randeep Somel Jamie Horvat
01/12/2015 Baillie Gifford Japan Smaller Companies John MacDougall Praveen Kumar
30/11/2015 Allianz Gilt Yield Mike Amey Mike Riddell
30/11/2015 Allianz Sterling Total Return Ketish Pothalingam Mike Riddell
09/11/2015 Stewart Investors Asia Pacific Leaders Angus Tulloch David Gait
09/11/2015 Stewart Investors Global Emerging Market Leaders Jonathan Asante Ashish Swarup & Tom Prew
09/11/2015 Stewart Investors Latin America Tom Prew Dominic St George & Tom Prew
01/10/2015 Kames American Equity Marcus Chandler Carolyn Bell & Jonathan Parsons
30/09/2015 BlackRock UK Special Situations Richard Plackett & Roland Arnold Luke Chappell & Roland Arnold
29/09/2015 Old Mutual Voyager Diversified John Ventre Anthony Gillham & Sacha Chorley
01/09/2015 Fidelity American Peter Kaye Aditya Khowala
01/09/2015 M&G Japan Dean Cashman & Max Godwin Johan Du Preez
01/09/2015 M&G Japanese Smaller Companies Dean Cashman & Max Godwin Johan Du Preez
01/09/2015 Fidelity UK Growth Tom Ewing Aruna Karunathilake
21/07/2015 Newton Continental European Rajesh Shant Emma Mogford
23/06/2015 Standard Life UK Equity Unconstrained Ed Leggett Wesley McCoy
09/06/2015 M&G North American Dividend Aled Smith & Michael Oliveros John Weavers
01/06/2015 Threadneedle Corporate Bond David Oliphant Alasdair Ross
01/06/2015 M&G Smaller Companies Louise Nash Garfield Kiff
21/05/2015 Newton Asian Income Jason Pidcock Asian Equity Team
01/05/2015 Old Mutual Global Strategic Bond Stewart Cowley Christine Johnson and John Peta
28/04/2015 Royal London Corporate Bond Sajiv Vaid Jonathan Davis
08/04/2015 Jupiter UK Growth Ian McVeigh Steve Davis
11/02/2015 Neptune UK Opportunities Scott MacLennan Mark Martin
31/01/2015 Fidelity Multi Asset Strategic Trevor Greetham Kevin O'Nolan & Nick Peters
12/01/2015 Investec UK Alpha Jonathan Parker    Simon Brazier
04/11/2014 Jupiter Emerging European Opportunities Kathryn Langridge Colin Croft
15/10/2014 Henderson European Growth Richard Pease Simon Rowe
01/10/2014 Fidelity European Opportunities Colin Stone Alberto Chiandetti
08/09/2014 Schroder UK Dynamic Julie Dean Matt Hudson
09/09/2014 Threadneedle UK Simon Brazier Chris Kinder
05/08/2014 M&G Global Real Estate Securities Gillian Tiltman Richard O'Connor
15/08/2014 Schroder Global Property Securities Al Otero & Jim Rehlaender Tom Walker & Hugo Machin
08/06/2014 CF Miton Special Situations Martin Gray David Jane
16/06/2014 Unicorn UK Smaller Companies John McClure Simon Moon & Fraser Mackersie
16/06/2014 Unicorn UK Growth John McClure Simon Moon & Fraser Mackersie
16/06/2014 Unicorn UK Income John McClure Simon Moon & Fraser Mackersie
02/05/2014 L&G Dynamic Bond Trust Richard Hodges Martin Reeves
01/04/2014 Fidelity China Special Situations plc Anthony Bolton Dale Nicholls
20/03/2014 Newton Higher Income Richard Wilmot Christopher Metcalfe
06/03/2014 Invesco Perpetual Income Neil Woodford Mark Barnett
06/03/2014 Invesco Perpetual High Income Neil Woodford Mark Barnett
06/02/2014 Jupiter Emerging European Opportunities Elena Shaftan Colin Croft & Kathryn Langridge (new co-manager)
28/01/2014 Edinburgh Investment Trustplc Neil Woodford Mark Barnett
23/01/2014 Investec UK Alpha Philip Rodrigs Jonathan Parker
23/01/2014 Investec UK Smaller Companies Philip Rodrigs Ken Hsia
01/01/2014 Fidelity Special Situations Sanjeev Shah Alex Wright
01/01/2014 Fidelity South East Asia Allan Liu Teera Chanpongsang
01/01/2014 F&C US Smaller Companies Robert Siddles Nish Patel
18/11/2013 M&G Global Basics Graham French Randeep Somel
01/11/2013 Fidelity Emerging Asia Teera Chanpongsang Dhananjay Phadnis
31/10/2013 Invesco Perpetual Emerging European Liesbeth Rubinstein Nicholas Mason
16/10/2013 Schroder UK Alpha Plus Richard Buxton Philip Matthews
01/09/2013 Jupiter Absolute Return Philip Gibbs James Clunie
16/07/2013 Schroder UK Equity Errol Francis & Ed Meier Alex Breese
01/07/2013 M&G Managed Growth Graham French Randeep Somel
02/05/2013 Schroder UK Growth plc Richard Buxton Julie Dean
01/05/2013 Jupiter Growth & Income Philip Matthews Chris Watt
18/04/2013 BlackRock UK Income Nick McLeod-Clarke Adam Avidgori & Mark Wharrier (new co-manager)
28/03/2013 Invesco Perpetual Global Bond Michael Matthews Stuart Edwards (now sole manager)
01/01/2013 Jupiter Income Tony Nutt Ben Whitmore
01/01/2013 Jupiter UK Alpha Philip Matthews Ben Whitmore